Saturday, 23 June 2007

Don't you like blogging too?

This is a exclusive interview with the king of blog chat, the host of Blogging in the name of the Lord. Yes, it's.....
DS: Hello Guy...

GD: Wait a minute, why did you use that photo of me in a dinosaur park? What are you trying to say? When I do an interview I always try to use a decent photo of the guest. You're just trying to make me look silly.

DS: Keep your hair on (if you've got any under that stupid hat!).

GD: Thanks a lot. I knew that this interview was a bad idea.

DS: Moan, moan, moan. Right let's get down to it. Tell us a little bit about yourself (not that anyone will be interested in your sad life).

GD: What? My sad life. You were a free stuffed monkey from a box of tea bags before I made you into "David Sky" the theoblogger. Anyway, I was born just outside Newport in the old Lydia Beynon maternity hospital. The building is now part of the glamorous "Celtic Manor Resort". I was brought up in....

DS: Yawn.... This is so tedious. I didn't ask for your whole life story. Right, your blog is called "Exiled Preacher". Is that because they chucked you out of Wales and won't let you go back home?

GD: No. "Exiled" has deep spiritual connotations. You just ask N.T. Wright. He's always going on about it. And "Preacher"...

DS: Yes, obviously, we know that you are a preacher. Now, why did you start blogging. Too much time on yours hands or sheer vanity?

GD: Actually, I think that blogging is a good way of discussing theology with people from all around the world. I don't sit on endless committees, collect stamps or make replicas of the Titanic from spent matches, I blog. I think that the apostle Paul would have been a blogger if he were alive today and Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Jonathan Edwards would definitely have been up for it with a Religious Affections blog. He virtually predicted the advent of Christian blogging (here). Anyway, you can't talk, you blog-headed monkey. Where do you think that this interview is happening, on a clockwork radio? Besides, many of today's big name preachers and theologians blog, like Mark Dever, Geoff Thomas, John Piper, Paul Helm and John Frame.

DS: So, big name preacher-theologian now are we? Yeah, yeah. You've got delusions of grandeur, mate.

GD: That's not what I'm saying.

DS: Yeah, right. Next question: What are your three favourite songs?

GD: You do Something to Me by Paul Well, I just bought The Fray's new album How to Save a Life and I like the track, Over my Head (Cable Car) and One by U2.

DS: What, nothing by The Monkees? You have seriously bad taste. Oh well, I can't be bothered with this anymore. That's it.

GD: Eh? Aren't you going to ask me some theological stuff or anything?

DS: No.

GD: Don't you want to know what I think of the state of evangelicalism today, or hear about my theological book recommendation, or my favourite blogs or .....


GD: This was a very massive bad idea. Why on earth did I say yes to an interview with you cheeky little monkey?
DS: He he he!


Andrew and Carolyn said...

The petit monkey blistering form!

Could this be (removes hat) the last post?


Jonathan Hunt said...

Monkey 1, Pastor 0

Eglon said...

Have at you, freaky little monkey!