Tuesday, 10 April 2007

A blogging manifesto

This is where I set out the principles, aims and values that will guide my blogging. This, readers is my personal mission statement:
1. This blog will chart my spiritual journey. I hope Sky's the Limit will be to blogging what Augustine's Confessions was to books.
2. This blog will share the fruits of my theological learning. Calvin had his Institutes. For me, the Sky's the Limit.
3. This blog will pass judgement on the state of the Christian world today. I hope that this journal will be a forum for world-wide reform.
4. This blog will encourage intelligent and wise debate. Come on, you bloggers log on and let's get thinking.
5. This blog will be fun. I don't want to take myself too seriously. Stay tuned and you'll soon find that I have a great sense of humour.
6. This blog will reflect my wide interests in the world of music, culture and literature. Posts on everything from Bruckner to Blur, from Hardy to Herodotus, will fascinate and educate my readers.
7. This blog will consider reciprocating links with other worthy bloggers.
8. This blog will be bigger than Faith and Thelogy.
9. All my blogging will be carried out in a charitable spirit, upholding the highest scholarly standards.
10. If you think that I have fallen below my principles, please hold me to account.


Lara said...

You misspelt "theology".

David Sky said...

That's because I'm reshaping the meaning of the word.

Aric Clark said...

good to see your setting out with modest attainable goals. If you stay this humorous you'll be worth reading.

David Sky said...


You think I'm joking?