Tuesday, 10 April 2007

A new blog!

Hi there,

I just know that this blog is what you've all been waiting for. I've got views and opinions and I'm not afraid to use them. It's about time that someone shook up the theology blogosphere and David Sky is the man to do it. For me the sky really is the limit. This blog will generate the most attention grabbing discussions in blog-land. There will be lots of heated debate here. Be brave and join in. But be warned, I'm pretty sharp! So, if you disagree with me, prepare for a mighty battle of minds.
I can't wait to get going with some proper posts over the next few days. Stay tuned for the next big thing in blogging.
David Sky


Looney said...

Heh, let's get this going: You are wrong!

David Sky said...

Hey looney, you crazy or something? Whaddya mean I'm wrong, I haven't said anything yet!

You wait till I get going properly before you say I'm wrong. You're wrong so WRONG!!!

Ha! Soon saw him off.

Brett Royal said...

How can you get going properly if you're wrong?

David Sky said...


I'm not wrong, everybody else is. David Sky contra blogdi!

Looney said...

David, you have been blogging for at least 12 hours and not yet made a definitive, arrogant statement regarding the status of human civilization. What could be more wrong than that?

David Sky said...


You will only need to glance at my new manifesto to see that I just don't do arrogant.

In my humble opinion, human civilisation is better than savagery but worse than it aught to be.