Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Ten proposals for world peace

This is a guest post by my great friend Jake Coolicus.

1. World peace is a very good thing, so let's go for it!
2. Remember that Winston Churchill who said, "We'll fight them on the beaches, on the streets...we will never surrender." Also said, "Jaw jaw is better than war war."
3. My peace role models are Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Bono.
4. It's a myth that all Christian peaceniks have beards and wear socks with sandals.
5. Music can be a catalyst for peace, "All we are singing is give peace a chance".
6. Shalom is the Hebrew for peace.
7. Just because I'm a man of peace, doesn't mean that I don't get stroppy, so don't push me.
8. The United Nations should be allowed to rule the world and make the warmongers beat their Kalashnikov's into ploughshares.
9. Love and peace or else.
10. If all this peace stuff doesn't work on your enemies, just nuke 'em.


Jake wants everyone to know that he is not the same person as David Sky and that he could have a blog of his own if he wanted to.


Looney said...

"8. The United Nations should be allowed to rule the world and make the warmongers beat their Kalashnikov's into ploughshares."

We are talking about the same organization that elected Sudan to be a member of the Human Rights commission and made Libya the head aren't we?

Looney said...

Um, while we are at it, there are some quarters of Paris suffering more than 50% unemployment. Mostly they are poor immigrants who are having difficulty assimilating into the French culture. Without a job, they have little hope for a future.

We could ship the Kalashnikovs there for re-working to ploughshares. The ammo would also be useful because the propellant can be re-formulated into fertilizer. This would provide some much needed employment for the youth. What do you think?

David Sky said...

On behalf on Jake,

Well, the UN 'aint perfect. But it's the best hope for world peace since The Beatles split up so acrimoniously.

Re the Kalashnikovs to ploughshares plan. That's really great, man. Why do they call you looney? Beats me.

Looney said...

"Why do they call you looney?"

Perhaps the running shoes in the cow piles in my picture? My blog might clarify things a bit more.

David Sky said...

Now I've looked at your blog, I understand the "looney" stuff. The cow pat thing, what's that all about?

Looney said...

I like to trail run. Especially when it is cold, raining and very messy.

This gives more practical insight into Isaiah 52:7 and John 13:1-17.